The Art

The creation of the art began without a vision, but with the necessity to illustrate thought. The work emerges from a place of deep meditation, nostalgia, space, time and memory. Visually inspired by the universe, retro sci-fi films and an enduring love of glitter, these elements come together to construct an otherworldly reality. Join me to travel time, the cosmos, and the inner most sanctum of thoughts, through illumination. 

Purchase the art and choose your view... Choose between a selection of vintage viewers and projectors to present and view the current featured artwork above.


Choose Your

It's not only about the artwork but the experience of viewing it. After extensive research and exploration of various methods of production, I decided upon these formats:

  • Backlit Light Boxes
  • Vintage Projectors
  • 1" Acrylic Blocks
  • Vintage 3D Viewers
  • Vintage Single Slide Viewers
  • Large Wallpaper Graphics

Delivering the art through these formats feels most authentic and true to the work and the ideas that inspire them. The vintage projectors and viewers act as a time capsule while simultaneously creating a level of intimacy, nostalgia and magic through light and illumination. The acrylic blocks give static images a layer of dimensionality, light play and movement. While the large wall-hangings entice you to you step into the work itself. Choose your view.